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HOSNY BRONX is singer, composer and author. He has recorded 3 albums with the Wailers, Bob Marley's musicians, between Kingston, Jamaica and Paris: his first album « Radical Fighters » (Media7 / Label Jahmin Records), his second album « Unité Universelle » (Nocturne / Label I Sound) and his third album « Rasta Rebel » (Nocturne / Label I Sound). Hosny Bronx is part of these artists who work for JAH in the world. His video clips have been broadcast on TV (M6, MTV, MCM, and international TV in the world). He has performed in concerts and festivals in France, Europe and Africa. For now, He’s working on his new Album. Hosny Bronx’s new tracks are broadcast around the globe: in the USA, South America, Jamaica, Europa, Asia, etc. Many articles are published in international press. Hosny Bronx has released 7 new tracks for his international promotion: “Free Child”, “Come with us”, “New Moment”, “Strong Life”, “So Alone”, “Every People” mixed by Errol Brown, Bob Marley’s engineer (Survival, Uprising, Confrontation albums) in Jamaica, “We Are” mixed by Daniel Boyle (grammy nominated) in London. Hosny Bronx’s new tracks are on sale on Itunes & Amazon Music Hosny Bronx plays all instruments in his new songs. He’s an incredible artist! He sends us a real vibe coming from Jah Kingdom. He’s a true rockers man, a true Rastaman.





Eden Fight’s music is a breath of fresh air over today’s urban and reggae scene. He introduces a very personal style working with his reggae background combined with hip hop, pop and rock influences. The result is efficient, well-balanced and seduces a large audience.

This former member of the Karukera Sound System under the name of Fight is endowed with a surprisingly high pitched voice that makes him instantly recognizable. Thanks to his fiery energy and extraordinary charisma, Eden Fight turns every concert into a unique experience for a quickly captivated audience.

His music is conceived as a bridge between the different developments of reggae music (mento ska rocksteady reggae roots dub dancehall new roots) and modern music tones (electronic music, hip hop…). Purists will hear the encounter between Black Uhuru Official and Damian Junior Gong Marley

Eden Fight has been scheduled twice at the Montreux Jazz festival and was the prize-winner who represented the Alsace region at the Printemps de Bourges festival. His numerous collaborations with various artists like the zouk singer Kenedy, with whom he recorded his first song at the age of 14, or Capleton and Turbulence won him the reputation of a reliable and talented musician with a strongly positive attitude.
Eden Fight is now a seasoned singer who has left a long lasting impression over a loyal audience from the West Indies to France.


Catching a glimpse of the full moon between the branches of a coconut tree in the mild and silky night gives you a full understanding of the poetic sensitivity of Jamaica.

A trip to Kingston is as much of a wonderful human and artistic experience as a humanly and artistically traumatic one. It thus fosters a life beyond sensations.

The sound systems weave their low-pitched sounds into a thread aimed at the stars. The lights of the street lamps flicker in a myriad of amber torches like flimsy delusional fires of ancient tribes.

Huge loudspeakers are chanting their digital phases, wrapping the darkness into a web of warlike rhythms miming the kicks of drums before the attack.

It is on this island, surrounded by the deep sounds rising from the quarters to the hills, that Eden Fight found the inspiration for his new album Reggaevolution.

The artist, who is from a reggae background, has always been eager to bring some new energy into this musical genre. Since 2014, he has been working on unique and original compositions that subtly combine reggae music with urban genres such as hip hop, soul, rap and RNB.

In this third album, Reggaevolution, Eden Fight offers a fresh musical concept. The songs are worked on and polished with care and precision, notably by the talented composer Klyve, who also chiseled Sensimillia, another strong composition on the album.

There are 14 original songs on this album that will be released on the 17th November 2017 by Early Records.






BIOGRAPHY- The musical journey of JAHFARI.I started as a little boy growing up between the communities of Old Harbour Bay and Church Pen in south west St Catherine in where he would utilize just about anything as a makeshift instrument. Courtney Valentine Linton was born in Jamaica on the 30th January, 1966 and joined the Spanish Town-based Arthur Allen Marching Band at age 15 playing the trumpet where he develop his skills playing other instruments, chief among the trombone. No one wanted to play the trombone, recalled Linton, who instantly fell in love with the instrument. He, however, wanted to learn more about playing the trombone and so his quest led him to the Hayes Brass Band. At Hayes, Linton met other trombonists and within a year graduated from just playing a back-up role to actually becoming a star performer At age 26, Linton needed a new challenge, which saw him joined the Power Play Band after failing to get into the Military Band. But all disappointment is for a good reason, as it was while at Power Play Band Linton learned how to play reggae music. It was another important step in the development of his music career. Courtney Linton his the second child of six children for Ivyline and Granville Linton, as he shared stage presence with some of Jamaica’s iconic musical figures such as Gregory Isaacs, Alton Ellis, Carl Dawkins, Derrick Harriot, Beenie Man and many more. While on a Caribbean tour, Linton met the late Christine Hewitt, who saw his talent and encouraged him to create his own band. That conversation ignited a burning desire that started the evolution of what is known today as the Konscious Vybes Band, comprising largely of Linton’s relatives and a few close friends. Linton is the band’s lead singer (performing under the name Courtney Linton) and trombonist doing a few shows. As someone who exudes a positive consciousness in his daily sojourn, Linton decided to start a solo career, operating under the moniker – JAHFARI.I which means ‘God is for me or Jah is for I’. And like many before him, the artist believes God has chosen him to deliver inspiring and positive messages to those who will hear his music. Performing as JAHFARI.I, Linton does gigs under the umbrella name ‘JAHFARI.I and the Konscious Vybes Band’ but as a soloist has been working on his first album – an EP titled Burning Truth. The EP is now release in all major online stores worldwide and will include songs such as, It Could Have Been Better, Call Jah Know, Help Me Oh Jah, Don’t Say You Know, It Rough But It Nice. He his also now a member of the Elite Reggae Embassy. With years of experience under his belt, the artist has written, produced and arranged most of his original songs. Additionally, all of Linton’s work was recorded with live instruments supported by his band, which resonates well with many fans of authentic roots reggae.